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Budget 2023-24: Hospitality will benefit, says Massive Restaurants’ Kalra

Will this Budget help the economy and allow India to stay ahead of global challenges?

The global challenges, though many, will continue to affect the economies of the world. This Budget intends to make India internally strong and will go some way in hopefully insulating us from the global onslaught of economic challenges.

What is the best thing about this Budget?

Good to see tourism becoming a focus area. Through that the entire industry can get more attention as well. It is a big relief for taxpayers and this should help in increasing residual income for those that need it the most, which is a large part of the employees that are engaged in the sector. The industry is the second largest employer of human capital after agriculture so this should come as a big help.

Does the Budget make India a better investment destination?

The Budget will definitely aid India in becoming a powerhouse of inbound tourism and will help in attracting further investments to the hospitality sector. India has arguably some of the best tourist destinations but they haven’t been properly tapped. With a “mission” style focus, this will change for the better. This will lead to more tourists coming in and generate further employment for the sector.

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