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Chlo Grace Moretz Claims the “Family Guy” Meme Made Her Feel Even Uglier

The 25-year-old actress opened up in a new interview with Hunger Magazine on how the vicious memes made her feel terrible about her appearance. She reflected on the time when a paparazzi shot of her went viral and was instantly connected to a Family Guy meme.

According to Moretz, “there was one image of me walking into a hotel with a pizza box in my hand that affected me.” As one of the most popular memes at the time, this image was digitally altered to resemble the Family Guy character Brian the Long-Legged Short-Trooped.

Moretz said it was hard to move on since her friends and family didn’t believe how she really felt.

When I mentioned that people were making fun of my body, they responded, “Oh, shut the f— up, it’s funny.” When asked about it, she said, “I just found myself sitting there and feeling, my body is being abused as a joke, and it’s something that I can’t alter about who I am, and it’s being shared all over Instagram.”

She went on to explain that it was something as innocuous as bringing leftovers into the hotel. This meme still gives me a lot of trouble, and it’s been years.

The Kick-Ass star admitted that she had to go through a lot of therapy to get over the viral moment, which had made her sad, and she no longer appreciated being photographed.

Moretz reflected on how the experience had altered her feelings about something she once enjoyed: “getting dressed up and going to a carpet and taking a shot.” Additionally, I believe that the problems of social media have exacerbated the body dysmorphia with which we all contend in our world. To put it bluntly, it’s a pain in the neck.

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